Friday, January 22, 2010

Broken hinge

A friend I met in my school's anime club brought in a SD Wing Custom Zero one day and it turns out that one of the "U" shaped hinge joint that connects the smaller stabilizer wings is broken. Being such a good person who also cannot bear to see gunpla remain broken like this, I immediately offered to repair it.

After examining it a bit more in detail, I found that the problem is much worse than I thought. The biggest problem is that the hinge is so small that any attempt to fix it by inserting something like a metal rod will not work and is so thin that if it was just held together by plastic cement, would break again very soon.

Nevertheless, I removed most of the peg that's still stuck in the blue backpack part to make it easier to work with. As you can see from the following pictures, the joint is supposed to hold the stabilizer wing so that it can pivot horizontally, but the design also allow the wing to rotate.

The biggest challenge right now is finding a way to replicate these motions. One way that I may be able to do this is to shape out a block of epoxy roughly the same size as the old hinge, cut and sand it into shape and drill a hole through it.

The problem is that something this small will not be able to hold itself together if a metal rod is inserted inside it. So what I might have to do is to attach the rod to the backpack itself and just drill a hole into the hinge.

Another way I can go about replicating the original function of the hinge is to, well, simply replicate the hinge. I've never tried it before, but I'm somewhat tempted to try casting a mold and just replicate the hinge, but have no idea where and how to start.

Basically, my main concern is to replicate the articulations of the original joint and if anyone have any other idea about how to go about fixing this joint, please send me a holler.

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