Saturday, June 26, 2010

June 4th Memorial Demonstration - Toronto

Twenty-one years after the fateful day when students all over China rallied for freedom and democracy, Chinese people all over the world still continue to remember and grieve over what has been lost that day and what will surely come in the future. There can never be a definitive answer to who is right and who is wrong, but what is sure is that popular representation is what China need more than ever. Let us not forget the dreams of those brave students.

The protest started in front of the Chinese consulate, but the demonstration moved south down St.George until it finally reached Queens park where a simple ceremony was held. Speakers each demonstrated their eagerness in seeing China adopt a more democratic approach to governing and the need for a more dependable and accountable Chinese government.

When dusk finally came, candles shone through the empty darkness in an almost, accentuating the sombre scene. People of all ages went up in rows and presented their flowers and took a bow to show their respect to all who stood bravely during what they believed to be a protest for freedom.

Lest we forget and have a good day, everyone. 

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