Saturday, March 6, 2010

HG00 Reborns Gundam WIP Part 2

So it's been a while since my last (real) update, hasn't it? I suppose it has, but fear not dear readers, for this time, I bring you some legitimate content! 

I've been working on this kit on and off and have finally got the upper body finished! It's not that big of a step forward, but it's a step forward nonetheless. So without further ado, let's spam some pictures first!

When I started this kit, the first thing that I decided was that the gold colour used for the kit looked inexcusably horrible, so I decided on the spot to switch to using a much better looking Tamiya X-12 gold. As it happens, this is one of the best decisions I've made and the result looks amazing. Another thing I noticed is how much of a difference using the properly sized brush makes. Always use a properly sized brush that's of decent quality! The detail brush should be more or less durable and have a flexible, but pointed tip. Another proof that this was the right choice.....

Look! With the gunpla spirit, the golden paint is burning red!!

Ahem... Anyway, onwards with the WIP! Transformation mechanism for the head is quite simple and intuitive. 

The shoulder joints are connected to a locking mechanism so that if you pull the joints a bit out of their sockets, the collar plate will be unlocked and the whole collar area can then be retracted into the chest.


One thing that surprised me is how well the stickers work for this kit. Almost every one of the stickers included (save for the fugly yellow ones) looks pretty amazing! One complaint however is that Bandai has again refused to provide a sticker for the rear camera. AGAIN!! Everything lees fine though....

Alright, this is it for this post. Next post will show the model with the backpack installed as well as the shield and beam weapon.

Have a Good day, everyone!

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