Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Homemade Photo Studio- This is no store bought DIY product, boy, no DIY product!!

Yes, this is a can of Coke, and no, this is not what this entry is about...I think. Nevertheless, read on for more exciting pictures!

After years of using whatever I can find as background, I finally decided to make a photo studio from scratch. Funnily enough, it worked much better than expected, especially considering that it was made from a piece of a spare cardboard box and a few pieces of printing paper, and is held together by a few pieces of tape.

The result is much better than expected, especially in terms of color balance.

What surprised me however, is how much easier post editing is once you have a uniform background. I can finally do more than adjust the brightness settings! As a result, I made a couple of wallpapers with a picture of one of my favourite MS design, the GN-X. 

Finally, if for nothing but its bright colors and crazy shapes, I just had to tune King Gainer's picture to make it even  more refreshing than it already is.

For some strange reason, this picture of King Gainer reminds me of Tidus from FFX.

Disregarding my curious ability to connect completely unrelated things, please tell me what you think about my noble endeavor to improve the quality of the pictures I post, in the comment section of course.

I do hope your poor eyes don't bleed as a result of looking at my humble homemade studio.

PS, The thing the Ahead is standing on is actually a cover for Vaseline.

Please comment and as always, have a good day!

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