Monday, February 15, 2010


These are simply mechas that fans want to see adapted into a figure by Bandai as a part of the Robot Damashii line, but looking at Damashii team's history, it's really not that much of a stretch to say that they will consider or may even be designing these already. After all, this is the one line of products that has released many figures of mechas that have been for the large part, ignored in the past. I mean, who could have thought they'd have the guts to revive the age old classic adventure anime line and release the Ryujinmaru? Who else has in the past had enough guts to bet on MSs that are fairly popular among hardcore fans, but due to it's obscurity have never been released in any other format, things like the Den'an Zon and Kapools? Which other line would dare stray so much from their prefered size and release something like König Monster and Sutherland Sieg right alongside other much smaller mechas like the F91s? Oh yeah, they also released things that even many fans of Gundam may never heard of or have altogether forgotten about, things like the Zondo Gei

Well with all that said, without further ado, here are the winning mechas and some awesome pictures of the respective winners!

(1) ShinkenOh from "Samurai Sentai Shinkenger"
(2) L-Gaim Mk-II from "Heavy Metal L-Gaim"
(3) Gundam X from "After War Gundam X "

(4) GaoGaiGar from "The King of Braves GaoGaiGar"
(5) AV-98 Ingram from "Patlabor "
(6) Ryuohmaru (龍王丸) from "Heroic Legend of Demon God Wataru"
(7) Gear Fighter Dendoh from "Gear Fighter Dendoh"
(8) God Gundam from "G Gundam"
(9) Alteisen from "Super Robot War"
(10) Layzner from "Blue Comet SPT Layzner "
Wait, that's not it. This is the real Layzner.

The scariest part isn't the fact that they are releasing a plethora of mechas from a wide range of genre, but the fact that they've released this many figures in a time of just over 1 year since the creation of the Robot Damashii line! At this point if they are not trying to take over the world of 12 inches mecha figure, I'm not sure what they're trying to do!

*sigh, All in all, I'm glad that we finally have a line that is willing to explore the market to this extent and am even more happy about the fact that they are quite consistent in their ability to continue dishing out high quality mecha action figures. Whatever the case, the winner will be , for once, the fans so with all that said, have a good day everyone!~

-Images of Damashii figures courtesy of NgeeKhiong

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