Sunday, February 7, 2010

SEFR-001 - Egg and Mushroom Fried Rice!

For some strange reason, I have developed a strange enthusiasm for making fried rice, often with a very mix of  ingredients. To make sense of all the data gathered from various experimental formulas, I have decided to create a database of all of the various SEFRs - SpeedStriker Experimental Fried Rice - that I'll make, starting with the prototype SEFR-001 EgaM, Egg and Mushroom. Hopefully, the information gathered from these experimental prototypes will eventually lead to some finalized models that will be ready for mass production.

Basic Technical Information:

Production Facility: Standard Electric Stove w/ Non-stick Frying Pan
Production Tools: Spatula, Bowl, Eggbeater or Chopsticks
Main Ingredients: Eggs x 2, Mushrooms x ~10, Ground Beef x 100ml, Boiled Rice*
Auxiliary Ingredients: Oil, Salt, 1 Slice of Cheddar Cheese

Rollout Date: 1 Feb 2010
Serving Size: 1

1. Remove the stem of all mushrooms.
2. Take about 4 or 5 mushrooms and cut them into slices and with the rest of the mushrooms, cut diagonal slits on the cap to make them cook faster.
3. After cracking them into a bowl, bat the eggs until they have more or less of a uniform texture.
4. Tear or cut the Cheddar cheese into small pieces, about 1 cm squared in size or so.

Production Log:

1. Heat pan on medium-high temperature until oil poured onto it run freely, but not hot enough to boil the smoke.
2.When oil is hot enough, pour the egg from the bowl into the pan and spread the sliced mushrooms and cheese across the frying egg, but NO NOT BREAK THE EGG. You want the mushrooms to be lodged into the frying egg!
3. After the mushroom is lodged into the egg and the cheese has melted, flip the whole thing so that the other side is cooked as well. Don't worry about breaking it at this point.
4. When the whole thing is finished cooking, take it out of the pan and put it into a bowl, with the spatula, not your hand of course.
5. Deposit ground beef into pan and pour in a bit more oil if you have to and while it is being cooked, dice it into smaller bits with spatula, all the while stirring. Repeat until beef is fully cooked.
6. Add the eggs back in along with the rice and do make sure the rice is separated and not clumping together.  Stir fry this whole thing until the rice is has separated, which will take about less than 2 minutes, then add in the slitted mushrooms.
7. Finally, add in a table spoon of salt and stir fry some more to make sure the salt is equally distributed in the fried rice.
8. Carefully push the finished fried rice from the pan into a dish, bowl or plate, it doesn't matter too much and enjoy!

Final Remarks:

Aside from the aroma, this dish is also surprisingly tangy and chewy. I just put the banana is just there for the colours, but as it turns out fits quite well with the meal. The cheese contribute to the overall taste, but isn't too noticeable, which is slightly dissapointing, but isn't too dominating either, which could be a good thing. I'll try a variation of this dish with a bit mroe cheese and see how it turn out. Hopefully it will make the rice all goooey and sticky with cheese strands everywhere! Muahhahahaha!

Ahem. Right, so all in all, the EgaM isn't too bad for a prototype, but I'm pretty sure it can use a bit more refinement.

*More specifically Korean Rice
----Entry by SpeedStriker, dated to AD 2010, February 07.


  1. Holy shit that sounds fucking delicious dude

  2. @tissuekins

    Thanks for the compliment and yeah, it is pretty good. Vive la fried rice!