Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Storm after the calm.... HG00 Reborns Gundam WIP Part 1

After a long stagnation, it's back to business as usual! I can make all sorts of fancy and convincing excuses, but I won't, so without further ado, let's just jump right into it!



I got the Reborns Gundam quite a while ago, all the back at early January actually and the process through which I acquired it is a whole story by itself, so I won't bore you with all the details. I will say that although it wasn't easy to get, it is worth it through and through. The first thing that will hit you when you see this beaute has to be its amazing box-art, which in my humble opinion conveys not only the grace, but also the tremendous power that Reborns embodies! Just think how many other, "fabulously fancy" MS with similar design elements as Reborns was shown in a non-functional, posy situation and look look again at the Reborns' box art. All the other fancy MS can do their fancy poses for all I care, but Reborns? He's got his gun in one hand, pointed right at you and beam sabre in the other hand, microseconds from making contact with its intended target. Yes, it is fancy, but no it's not going to let you live enough to bathe in its glory.

What I like about Reborns' design is how it's able to meld the two eternally conflicting elements of aesthetics and functionality into one single elegant powerhouse. Much like the Hi-Nu now that I think about it. Upon opening the box, you will discover 6 ABS plastic runner plates and a polycap plate.


First up is of course, the most colourful A plate. Nothing out too out of the ordinary here, but I do really like how the shield is designed. Also worthy of note is the beam sabre, which is completely clear this time. I wonder if I should be lazy and just use my clear green, but since I'm not completely insane, I refrain from that course of action and buy the appropriate colors and paint it later.

Next up is the B plate, which is not white for once! On it are piece for the funnels which does lack a bit of detail, but considering the scale isn't that big of a deal. One thing I really have to give Bandai kudos for is the choice of using a darker shade of red since it really emphasize just how powerful Reborns is. *sorry for the bad lighting, but the red is a bit lighter than what you see here.

Next up is are the two white C plates. I'm not sure if it's just my imagination, but it seems like the white they used is a bit lighter than most the colour used for most other kits. Maybe I'm just high. Other pieces for the legs and GN Drive Taus can be found on this plate.

Next is the dark grey coloured D plate. Nothing too special here, so we'll jump right on to the last one.

Last but definitely not least this time around is the PC plate. Very interestingly, I'm surprised to find quite a few new parts.

These parts that I've circled are, as far as I know, completely new parts that didn't exist on any HGs of the past. As for the manual, since it's already scanned at quite a high resolution over at Dalong's I'll just post some highlights along with comments.

Amazing pilot, but can you look anymore like a douche than you already do?

"Come and give me a hug, Setsuna!"something about this shot strike me as disturbingly odd.

Seeing how they had a perfect reference picture for the battle scene, the battle scene in the picture above this one is just lazy and sloppish...

"Fuck yeah awesome" screenshots. And a leg...

 I'm pretty sure the guy who made this awesome pose wasn't responsible for that lazy battle pose.

This took much longer than I expected, so I guess I'll cut it off here. In Part 2 I'll continue with some shots pictures of the actual kit along with a surprise.

That's it for now, folks! Have a good day!

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